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Complaint resolution policy

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Complaint resolution policy

Complaint resolution policy

complaint protection measures and confidentiality of complainants
in order to protect the rights of complainants and informants who act deliberately in good faith Naradee Trading Co., Ltd. conceals any names, addresses or information that can identify the complainant or contributor and keep the information of the complainant and the informant confidential, limited to those responsible for investigating the complaint. In this regard, anyone who receives information from the duties related to the complaint. It is responsible for maintaining information. Complaints and evidence of the complainant and the informant are confidential. Do not disclose information to other people who do not have related pages, unless disclosed in accordance with the duties prescribed by law.

When the complaint is received
Naradee Trading Co., Ltd. will consider the complaints received immediately and notify the relevant authorities to conduct a investigation into the matter. complaints and corrective action appropriately. Naradee Trading Co., Ltd. will monitor periodical progress, which the relevant agencies will inform the complainant of the appropriate performance within a period of time.

Free of charge
The complainant must provide details of the complaint, name, address and phone number and sent to Naradee Trading Co., Ltd. in 3 channels:
1. Mail, according to the company's address shown on the company's
2. electronic mail (E-mail)
3. Website by filling out the Contact Form section.

If the dispute resolution process by the operator is not satisfied with the customer, customers can use external channels where customers can process dispute resolution by contacting the Department of Business Development (Electronic Commerce Division)
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