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Warranty information (Master Lock)

1. Customers who purchase Master Lock must register online warranty at the www.naradee.com/warranty to be entitle to warranty rights by filling required information. If the customer is not registered on the website, warranty shall not be covered.  Customers must present receipts/proof of payment to the staff every time when proceed claim.
2. Warranty conditions may vary depending on the type of goods (warranty details of each item are shown on the product label).
3. The warranty covers only any product or component that defects from materials, internal mechanisms or production processes throughout lifetime use.
4. The warranty covers only material defects. Mechanisms and processes and do not cover damaged products caused by excessive cuts or wear, damage or defects caused by incorrect use. Attempts to modify the fill or non-compliance instructions in the instruction manual. The warranty does not cover any wages or costs to remove the product or install a new product.
5. Defective items must be returned to the company for review and provide proof of purchases, receipts or related documents. The cost of returning goods is the responsibility of the buyer.
6. This warranty only applies to goods purchased from authorized dealers in Thailand. The warranty covers the buyer with the same name as registered and does not include purchases from the original owner.
7. The Company reserves the right to replace the original product one time. The replacement shall be under warranty conditions.
8. There is THB 300 fee incurred with defective inspection, to be paid in advance. Shipping expenses shall be responsible by the customer.
8.1 In case the product defect is caused by malfuction aforesaid in warranty section, the company shall replace a new product and refund THB 300 inspection fee.
8.2 In case it's not under warranty, the company will return the original product without refund inspection fee.
9. The Company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.