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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Please be informed of the confidentiality policies of our website for anyone visiting our website as follows:

Visiting website:
Visiting our website the on purpose of searching for goods and services, it is not required to provide personal information. If you would like to receive news from us, you can subscribe where it states, which you can unsubscribe via email to We may use software to collect information of the query behavior of people visiting our website. W e will use such information for the purpose of effectively improving websites to reach audiences, days and number of visits to the website. It may investigate the search behavior of customers who are members of the Website and use services as part of the website's security process. We may use the "cookies" system to authenticate visitors. While visitors visit our website, "Cookies" are installed by our website, which stores your information as follows.
• IP Address
• Type of Browser used to access
• Visited Web Page
• Access Time
• Websites that refer to our web (Referring Website)

The collection and retention of personal information
The collection of personal information of customer in our website is used only for our operational purposes and legally uses. This includes: Optimization of services and use for better product design and services and special offers, which are based on customer needs. Customer information will not be used, collected or maintained for the aforementioned purpose. We will collect your personal information by asking for information directly from you. If you choose to provide personal information through, we will keep them confidential and will be treated as required by law. In addition When you send us an e-mail post, We will keep the content in the electronic postage, electronic mail address, and electronic postal interactions to answer your questions or for follow-up, and to determine whether the interactions between our customers and our staff are in question.

Disclosure of personal information Website will not forward or sell your personal information to other third parties for the purpose of unauthorized use. In addition, we do not disclose your personal information to any other organization unless
1. You have requested and empowered our website to take action or
2. The forwarded data is to help complete your transaction start
3. Disclosure of information is in accordance with the law or as required by law. For example, the website may be asked to disclose information about our customers in accordance with court orders or by subpoenas or other agencies with legal authority.