HG วอเตอร์ซีล ขนาด 1 ลิตร

HG water seal for outside walls 1 L.


รหัสสินค้า #HG-200



Seal a brick wall?HG water seal for outside walls is a brick wall sealer that prevents moisture from permeating the façade. The moisture attracts dirt from the air, so that the walls become dirty and mould starts to grow. Luckily, with HG water seal for outside walls this is a thing of the past!

Makes the wall invisibly water repellent
Prevents rain and moisture permeating the brick
Prevents algae and mould and dirt from the air
How to use HG water seal for outside walls?
1. For an optimal and lasting result, we recommend to:
2. Clean the surface before treating. This can be done with e.g. HG power cleaner. Preferably remove masonry rash with HG masonry rash remover. Preferably remove algae and mould with HG algae and mould remover.
3. Repair any holes and cracks, as well as bad grout in advance;
4. Cover any adjacent paint, sills, windows, window frames, etc.
1. The surface must be completely clean and free of dust.
2. Apply HG water seal for outside walls with a brush, roller or pump spray. Always work from top to bottom and apply the brick wall sealer with horizontal strokes (from left to right)
3. Always apply two or more layers of masonry sealer to a surface, until it becomes saturated (two thin layers are preferable to one thick layer).
4. Do not treat more than 2 m2 at a time.
5. Always apply the different coats of HG water seal for outside walls wet on wet. In other words, the previous coat must not be fully dry before applying the next coat.
6. Do not apply in the sun or on warm walls.

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