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Master Lock 4688EURD

485.00 ฿

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Product description

    • 30mm wide durable metal body with vinyl coating
    • Twistable steel cable for a convenient use
    • 3-digit set-your-own combination convenience
    • TSA-certified lock
    • 4 pastel and silver colours: blue, pink, green, silver

       In United States airports, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screeners will, for security reasons, open and inspect most luggage even if they have to damage the lock or padlock. With the Master Lock Travel Sentry™ certified padlocks, TSA screeners are able to unlock your luggage via a secure system, inspect and re-lock it so that your baggage remains secure for throughout your journey.
    These combination padlocks are ideal for securing suitcases, briefcases or travel bags.

    Travel Sentry®Key system that has been standard TSA The insignia is a red diamond.


Master Lock Call Center 081-915-7115



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