HG does what it promises: TÜV-tested
24 | 11 | 2021

HG does what it promises: TÜV-tested
Never before, so many products from one organisation were tested with these kind of results.

HG does what it promises. This is now confirmed by TÜV. All our tested products got
a TÜV-certificate. Want to know more?  Or even better, use our product and see yourself.

What about the test?
HG has an extensive selection of high-quality cleaning products
for usage in and around the home. For  the TÜV testing procedure, we made a representative
selection of our products based on use, sales and application. You can find the full selection
of submitted products below.

What were the results?
All products passed the test with flying colours. All products met the consumer needs,
expectation and requirements. Especially on effectiveness. Furthermore, most testers said the products
were easy to use and ensured quick results. Most heard improving point was merely on the design.
All products got at least a score of ‘good’. We are pleased with these results. They show HG produces
effective specialty cleaning products that help consumers in overcoming every cleaning challenge.

About TÜV
‘TÜV geprüft’ is a well-known slogan in multiple European countries. TÜV is a well-known and highly
trusted testing company and stands for independence, reliability and quality. TÜV is an association that carries out (mainly)
security and quality checks and ensures all these checks are met by high standards concerning law, consumers needs and safety.
TÜV has different testing companies throughout Germany, with their own speciality. The products of HG were tested
by TÜV Saarland. Read more about them on their website.