The best tips to learn how to unblock a sink
16 | 09 | 2020

Blocked sink? The best tips to learn how to unblock a sink

Learning how to unblock a sink is not difficult, but can come in quite handy.
Food remains are often the biggest cause of a blocked sink, especially with kitchen sinks.
You can prevent a blocked sink by first wiping off dirty dishes with a paper towel before rinsing them off in the sink.
In addition to this advice, we will share a few other tips on this page to help prevent these types of problems as well as
the best ways to unblock a blocked sink.

* 4 tips for preventing a blocked sink
* How to unblock a sink
* HG is the solution for a blocked sink
* Causes of a blocked sink

4 tips for preventing a blocked sink

A sink
can easily get blocked with daily use. The tips below will help you prevent a blocked (kitchen) sink.

1. Do not leave food remains in the kitchen sink
 Wipe off dirty dishes with a paper towel above the bin and remove most of the remaining food. Then wash the plates in the sink with water and a washing up brush or in the dishwasher. And maybe put an extra filter above the sink to prevent food remains from getting into the drain.

2. Pour hot water down the drain regularly
 This rinses the sink and the hot water carries away the grime. And this does not damage the drain in any way.

3. Use soda regularly to rinse the drain
 Soda is stronger than water so it removes more grime.

4. Never throw frying oil or gravy in the sink 
It does sound like an easy solution to just throw the oil you used for frying in the sink.
But frying oil, just like gravy, coagulates when it cools. It then forms clumps that also block other food remains, etc. causing even more build up.

How to unblock a sink
Various websites and blogs have household tips for blocked sinks.
Below are 2 of these household remedies.

You can try the following alternatives to unblock your blocked sink.

1. Coffee grounds
 You can try unblocking a blocked sink by pouring coffee grounds from a used coffee
filter or espresso machine down the sink. Coffee grounds should work as an abrasive and clean the drain.

2. Baking soda and vinegar
 You could also try a combination of baking soda and vinegar. Put some baking soda
in the sink and add a bit of vinegar. Then rinse the drain with hot water.
Still not getting the desired effect? Then why not try the HG solutions developed especially
for everyone who wants to know how to unblock a sink.

HG is the solution for a blocked sink
HG developed HG kitchen unblocker for blocked kitchen sinks.
This unblocker was developed especially for unblocking a blocked kitchen sink.
A blocked sink is often caused by rinsing away food remains, grease and oil.
HG kitchen sink unblocker works on the basis of natural micro-organisms which,
so to speak, eat through the blockage and can therefore always deal effectively with any kind of blockage.
The natural enzymes and micro-organisms mean it is completely biodegradable and absolutely safe
for all types of drains and septic tanks.
For extremely stubborn blocks, we recommend HG duo unblocker.
To unblock a blocked drain, toilet or shower drain, we advise HG liquid drain unblocker.

Causes of a blocked sink
A blocked sink can occur often, but what exactly causes a blocked sink?
As we said, food remains and grease are the main causes of a blocked sink.
These food and grease remains cause build up that eventually lead to a blocked sink.
In addition, soap remains either create or make the blocked sink worse. These soap remains build up,
making the drain narrower and narrower with time. When enough residue has built up to completely
block the kitchen sink, you need to know how to unblock a sink.

A sink or other drain can also become blocked due to improper installation or old drainage pipes.
In many older homes, drainage pipes are often made of cast iron. These drains become blocked
with rust in combination with other dirt, grime and waste. If this sounds familiar,
then we recommend that you have them thoroughly cleaned by a professional unblocking company or plumber.